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  • Ultrasonography

  • Elands offers a referral ultrasonography service for:

    • Abdominal ultrasonography for evaluation of abdominal organs for signs of disease or abnormality
    • Pregnancy scanning
    • Cardiac ultrasonography for evaluation on the structure and function of the heart

    Ultrasonography as a single procedure is usually performed without the need for sedation or anaesthesia, so the owner can sit and wait while the procedure is performed, and gain results immediately.

    We also offer ultrasonography in conjunction with other diagnostic or surgical treatments for example; imaging a bladder to confirm neoplasia size and dimensions prior to urethrocystoscopy and laser ablation, or imaging abdominal organs prior to obtaining surgical biopsies.

    Referral ultrasonography is performed by Mr Philip Lhermette FRCVS on an appointment basis.