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  • Puppy Classes

  • A very important stage of any puppy’s development is from about 6 weeks to 16 weeks. As puppies will spend part of this time with their mother and their litter mates, it is so important that the breeder ensures that they are born into and start their life in the best environment possible; for family dogs this means a family environment.

  • Unless rescued, puppies should only be purchased from reputable breeders where they can be viewed with their mother and litter mates.

  • During this development phase, to ensure the best start as far as socialisation is concerned, puppies need to be exposed to as many experiences as possible in a controlled manner. Experiences to include can be meeting and being introduced to other adults, children, other dogs, cats, hens, horses, cones, umbrellas, crash helmets, vacuum cleaners and travelling in cars, buses and on trains etc. If your puppy is confident then praise and reward should be given. If your puppy appears nervous and shies away, keep quiet and give your pet time. Reassurance at the wrong moment can inadvertently be interpreted as praise for being afraid and could cause a long term fear.

    Correct early socialisation will help to reduce potential behaviour problems and ensure your pet grows up to be a happy, sociable and confident member of your family.

    This practice runs puppy socialisation classes which include some basic training. For more information or if you have any questions regarding your puppy or need advice on purchasing a puppy please call the surgery and ask to speak to our Head Nurse, Emma.