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  • Pet Insurance

  • Advances in medicine, new drugs, the high tech equipment available and the ever more sophisticated surgery now being carried out on animals all mean that veterinary practices are in a position to offer clients an even greater variety of choices when it comes to treating their pets.

    Like all private health care, there are costs involved. For owners whose pets are not insured, the choices they make may have to be influenced by the funds available. It can be very difficult for owners when they may have to compromise on their pet’s treatment due to financial constraints.

    We therefore advise our clients to take out pet insurance. Should your pet become ill or be involved in an accident, you will have peace of mind knowing that your pet will receive the best care available without you having to worry about the finances.

    The choice of companies now offering pet insurance can make it difficult for pet owners to choose the one that best meets their needs and requirements. Below are some pointers to help you with your decision:

    • Does the policy offer lifetime cover? As long as you continue to renew the policy without a break in cover, there is no time limit on how long you can claim for each illness or injury. With cover for life policies, cover is provided up to a set amount for veterinary fees each year. The amount is then renewed at the start of each policy year. Such comprehensive cover is ideal for ongoing conditions such as arthritis, skin complaints, diabetes etc. and consequently tends to be more expensive
    • Time limited policies – Cover is provided up to a maximum amount per condition however, there is a limit on how long you can claim for each condition (with many policies this is 12 months). Once the limit has been reached, the condition is then excluded and can no longer be claimed for; hence this type of policy is often not as expensive.
    • Maximum benefit – There is no time limit on how long you can claim but there is a maximum amount that can be claimed per condition. The amount is not renewed at the start of each policy year so once the allocated amount has been claimed for, you can no longer claim for that condition.

    For client who may not be able to afford a cover for life policy, alternative options should be considered as any insurance is better than no insurance. Please read the small print carefully!