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  • Nurse Clinics

  • Prevention is better than cure, which is why our qualified veterinary nurses provide a range of nurse clinics available at Elands. These clinics ensure owners have the support they need to help their pets stay fit, healthy and in tip-top condition.

    Our qualified nurses can offer advice on all aspects of pet care; from husbandry to nutritional and on a range of pets from the smallest guinea pig to the largest of dogs.

    Appointments with the nurse are available:

    Monday to Friday  3.30pm - 6.30pm 
    Tuesday & Thursday  9am - 12pm
    Saturday 9am - 12pm 

    Our qualified nurses are also available to give advice and answer questions or queries over the telephone.

  • Puppy and Kitten Appointments

    Keeping your new pet in good health will help you to enjoy a long and happy relationship over many years. Our puppy and kitten appointments with the nurse are FREE and advice is offered on diet, worming, vaccinations, neutering, insurance and much, much more.

    These puppy appointments run alongside our puppy parties and are designed to give owners help and guidance during this exciting and important time. Puppy parties are held at the practice and are FREE for our clients.

  • Worm and Weigh Clinics

    Cats and dogs need to be regularly wormed. At Elands we understand that this is sometimes easier said than done! Our qualified nurses can weigh your pet and there is NO CHARGE for this service.

    For our patients that may not always cooperate for their owner, we can administer any wormers purchased at the surgery and also apply flea treatments, helping to reduce the stress for both you and your pets.

  • Pet Slimmers

    Piling on the pounds is not confined to us humans! Sadly over 70% of our pets are overweight and this can seriously affect your pet’s health.

    Pet Slimmers is a FREE nurse clinic providing education, advice and the necessary tools to keep your pet lean and fit. Your pet will be weighed at each visit.

  • Dental Clinics

    The majority of pets have some degree of dental problems by the age of 3 or 4 years and this increases considerably as animals become older. Dental disease is not only extremely painful (although many animals will hide pain) but the bacteria released into the blood stream at the gum margins can cause liver, heart and kidney problems.

    During our FREE dental clinics, our qualified nurses can assess your pets’ teeth, identify the start of any problems and advise you on the best oral hygiene care for your pet. It is not unusual for pets to need to have their teeth descaled and polished. Owners will notice that after this procedure, their pet appears much happier, is eating well again and thankfully also has much better smelling breath!

  • Golden Oldies Clinics

    Old age creeps up all too quickly and for cats and dogs, each year that passes is equivalent to six or seven of our years. As pets age, they may need a little extra care and attention as they can become more prone to certain ailments. Therefore regular checks are essential to keep them healthy.

    Some owners are reluctant to bring in older pets, assuming that nothing can be done for them or because they fear the worst. Our Golden Oldies Clinics have been designed to give owners of older pets advice and support as, with the right treatment and care, most pets can lead a full healthy and active life into their senior years.