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  • Laser Surgery

  • Surgical lasers provide a method of devascularisation and ablation that is most often used in conjunction with minimally invasive surgical techniques.

    The laser beam is generated by a special unit and then transmitted down a very fine insulated glass fibre filament. If the end of the filament is ‘clear’, then the laser beam emerges and produces devascularisation and vaporisation of the tissue that it reaches. If the end of the filament is carbonised, then it will heat up and can be used as a kind of hot scalpel to directly cut away at tissue. This filament is small enough to be passed down special channels in the surgical equipment used for endoscopy, and means that we are able to perform complex surgical procedures that would otherwise not be possible, or would require major surgical intervention in order to access the surgical site.

    Uses of the surgical laser at Elands include:

    • Treatment of gingivostomatitis complex in cats
    • Removal of polyps or abnormal tissue in the ear canal
    • Resection and debulking of tumours of the urethra and bladder via urethrocystoscopy
    • Resection and debulking of tumours of the nasal turbinates via rhinoscopy
    • Haemostatic control and resection of other soft tissues masses

    Laser surgery at Elands is performed by Mr Philip Lhermette FRCVS.