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  • Inpatient Care

  • Patients that are hospitalised with us and may need to be kept in overnight are known as inpatients.

    All inpatients have a hospital record card attached to their kennel. Daily records are kept of temperature, pulse and respiration as well as all treatment to be given including medication times. Water intake is monitored, as is any food eaten. Notes are also kept to record when patients go to the toilet and all dogs are given the opportunity to go outside. Nursing staff are available on the premises overnight to attend to any patients as required.

    Whilst you are separated from your pet, we will do our best to try to make your pet as comfortable as possible throughout their stay with us. To help us treat your pet as an individual, please advise us of your pets favourite foods and any special requirements your pet may have.

    We appreciate that you want to be reunited with your pet as soon as possible and our aim is to get your pet back home soon as they are well enough. In the meantime, any pet staying with us and under our care will be treated as one of our own. As well as being nursed, this means that they will receive lots of fuss and lots of cuddles.