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About Elands veterinary Clinic

Elands Profile - who are Elands and what is our Mission Statement
St Johns Church Project - the full story of the conversion of St Johns Church, Dunton Green near Sevenoaks into Elands Veterinary Clinic
Opening Times for both the Dunton Green surgery and the Kemsing branch clinic
Terms and Conditions of business
RCVS Accreditation - explanation of the Practice Standards Scheme
Supported Charities - Elands supports charities by organising events throughout the year

The Team

Veterinary Surgeons currently at Elands
Practice Manager
Referrals Specialists who offer services at Elands
Job Vacancies at Elands


Consultations - details of consultation times for both the Dunton Green surgery and the Kemsing branch surgery
Nurse Clinics - nurse clinics are offered to clients i.e. Puppy and Kitten Appointments, Worm and Weigh Clinics, Pet Slimmers, Dental Clinics and Golden Oldies Clinics
New Clients - how potential new clients can register with us
Inpatient Care - details on how we look after our patients if they have to stay with us overnight
VIP Plan - to enable pet owners to spread the cost of routine treatments, we have designed our own practice membership scheme called the VIP plan.
Puppy Classes - our head nurse, Becs Mather, runs regular, well organised puppy classes which also include some basic training
Second Opinions - a second opinion is merely for confirmation of diagnosis and Elands Veterinary Clinic is happy to see second opinions.
Keyhole Bitch Spays - for many years, Elands have been spaying bitches via keyhole surgery
Pet Passports - our vets at Elands are Official Veterinarians so are authorized to issue pet passports.
Home Visits - Elands Veterinary Clinic understand that, rather than travel to the surgery, some clients prefer to book a home visit
Emergencies - we provide a 24 hour emergency service 365 days a year
Repeat Prescriptions - Elands can supply repeat prescriptions with at least 24 hour notice
Pet Insurance - information on the importance of pet insurance and points to look for with any policy


Endoscopy - Elands has a comprehensive range of endoscopic options for treatment, available to both our clients and those referred to us from other practices.
Ultrasound - a non-invasive method of looking inside your pet to aid in diagnosis of disease.
Radiography - a method of taking pictures using x-rays that allow us to see inside the body to look at the bones and organs.
Blood Pressure - an animal’s blood pressure can change as it is an indication of general health. Monitoring of blood pressure can be a useful aid in the diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases.
ECG - an electrocardiogram (ECG) looks at how the heart is functioning by recording the electrical impulses it gives off as it beats.
Cryosurgery - instead of using a cutting blade, this method of surgery uses extreme cold.
Dental - dental disease in dogs, cats and rabbits is very common and regular checks (e.g. at the yearly vaccination) will identify the start of any possible teeth and gum problems.
Laboratory Facilities - blood testing is an important diagnostic tool used to help us find out what is wrong with your pet when they are unwell, or to screen your pet for underlying health issues which is recommended for patients prior to undergoing anaesthesia or surgery.
Kennels and Cattery - during their stay with us, all patients need to be comfortable and housed in suitably sized accommodation.
Isolation Unit - Elands is fortunate to have an isolation unit for hospitalizing any patients who have, or are suspected of having, anything contagious.

Pet Advice

Leaflet Downloads - visit this page to download various information leaflets on pet care and welfare
Choosing the right pet for you - information and advice on how to choose the right pet for your lifestyle


Acupuncture - has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine where it is believed that when an organ becomes affected by disease the associated acupuncture point becomes tender. Georgie Wilkinson is our Acupuncture specialist
Dermatology - Elands offer specialist dermatology treatment through Rachel Sant our Dermatology Specialist.
Flexible Endoscopy - flexible endoscopy is a minimal invasive diagnostic technique
Laparoscopic Neutering - worried about having your bitch spayed? Why not give her the benefit of a keyhole 'spay'? Elands were the FIRST centre in the UK to offer this procedure
Laser Surgery - surgical lasers provide a method of devascularisation and ablation that is most often used in conjunction with minimally invasive surgical techniques.
Ophthalmology - Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine that deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye. The referral specialist is Karen Casswell
Orthopaedics - Elands is able to offer soft tissue, orthopaedic and neurological referrals through their European Specialist in Surgery, Pierre Barreau
Rigid Endoscopy - rigid endoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique
Ultrasonography - Elands offers a referral ultrasonography service

Your Pets

Your Pet Stories - send us your pet stories for this page!
Your Pet Photos - send us your pet photos for this page!

Cherished Moments

Saying Goodbye - no one wants to think about the loss their pet, however being prepared for the event can make it easier to cope with when the time comes.
Gallery of Remembrance - we will include photo fo your cherished pets on this page

News and Events

Latest News and Events - all the latest news from Elands and details on forthcoming events
Archive News and Events - past news and events from Elands

Additional Links

Online Shop - order from our online shop
Useful Links - useful web addresses and links that may be of interest to clients
Contact Us - how to contact Elands and maps on how to find both the Dunton Green and Kemsing surgerys
Accessibility - information on the accessibility of the Elands Veterinary Clinic website