Gallery of Remembrance

Kitzie Worsley - 1993-2015
(1993 - 2015)

Kitz was born 300 miles away in Lancashire and was initially wild and was wandering around with her mum, so I made sure they had food. Sadly not long after that her mum was killed by a car and mum had managed to get to my garden and little kitten was lying on her mum. I already had 5 cats but decided to take her on, she was hard work not used to being handled and I had to hand feed her and it was labour intensive. Slowly over time she got used to handling and her trust in me built up.

We moved in 2001 when she was 7 and she settled well into life in Kent, although the move for her was traumatic as the knock out drops had the opposite effect and sent her hyper and she came down a few days later via train to join the others.

She had plenty of company and formed a close bond with Timothy and she was distraught in 2009 when he passed away, she searched the house looking for him. She loved her garden and spent time checking her territory and even until the end defending her territory if called for.

Since 2010 she has been the last one and she has kept me going through huge personal issues since 2013 and I miss her terribly. I hope she is with Timothy and her daddy Frank, peaceful together.

I would like to thank Elands for their love and support over the last 14 years.

Ted who was never to bothered about coming in to Elands for his routine checks, probably something to do with the little treat he was given after at the reception desk!

His owner had lovely times with Ted. He was such a good natured dog and they could never have wished for better. Although he was a quiet dog their house is very silent now.

The lovely Ted who was much loved and is now so terribly missed.

Buddha Mitchell

Jack Urquhart
(Oct 08 – Feb 11)

I had my English Bull Terrier (EBT), Jack, from a puppy until Feb 2011. He was my best friend and went everywhere with me, even to work, and if he wasn’t with me he was with Grandma (my mum). When I first got Jack my Mums initial reaction was 'dear god why have you got one of those’ which is the same reaction by the majority of people. Well, this breed of dog is the most affectionate, loyal, hilarious and stubborn all in one that I think you will find. Jack bought me nothing but happiness in the two years that I had with him and a lot of laughter – I have never seen a dog spin in circles or do the ‘bullie run’ like an EBT can!! You just move out of the way whilst they charge around like lunatics. Through Jack my Mum became a convert to the breed as did a lot of people, he touched many hearts and gave the breed a good name just as it should have. When I lost him in Feb last year I felt my whole life had fallen apart but the care given to Jack and the support given to me by Elands was second to none.

Whilst Jack is always in my heart and will never be replaced I did rescue an EBT called Bailey just after Jack passed and the fun and frolics of the Jack the Dog live on in him !!

All the staff at Elands were so upset when Jack did not pull through. He was so young and such a lovely boy. His owner Klare now is very involved with rescuing and rehoming this super breed. If you think you can offer a home to an English Bull Terrier or if you would like more information please go to the Absolute Bull Terrier website.

Much loved and much missed

Photo taken winter 2011.

Simba waiting outside the back door after a lovely walk in the snow for his owners Hugh and Beverly to let him into the warm.

Simba Lateo
Clay Matthews
Dusty Shine
Jack Long - so lovely and just so handsome