Practice Manager


Liz has extensive experience in managing veterinary clinics, a role she thoroughly enjoys. Married with 5 children, she moved to Elands from a busy charity practice in London and greatly enjoys meeting and getting to know our clients and their lovely pets.

Client care is paramount to Liz, as of course it is to Elands, and she is always happy to chat to our clients. Do please feel free to call or email her at any time, or, if you are visiting the clinic and want to catch up, just let reception know and Liz will pop down if she can.

Liz’s house is bursting with animals; everything from a crazy rescue dog who is almost blind and an entire little family of rescued cats she just couldn’t leave behind in her last practice, to tiny Russian hamsters and her son’s more exotic geckos. Liz is part of a lively church family near to where she lives and in her spare time she is a keen horse rider and mountain biker but also enjoys more leisurely family walks in the countryside - and meals in country pubs!

Liz is pictured in our Dunton Green reception with the beautiful Maisy, belonging to one of our clients who kindly gave permission for her photo to be taken.