Pet Photos

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Ziggy Connarty

PICTURE ON LEFT: May 2009 - clearly not Ziggy’s finest hour and she was definitely not built for speed. Like many cats, despite being on a diet, Ziggy had a bit of a weight problem.

MIDDLE PICTURE: Early 2013 and Ziggy was lame. Georgie our vet used acupuncture to help Ziggy (renamed Spikey) and also put her on to a new weight reducing diet. Ziggy’s mobility increased and she became happier in herself.

PICTURE ON RIGHT: Now meet the new slim Ziggy (Spikey) Mark II – looking good for a cat who will be 17 in March next year:

We all think Ziggy looks fantastic!

Indy the 14 month old, lively Black Labrador. Her owner Claire Denyer sent us these photos and this lovely email after she was spayed via keyhole surgery:

"We are so glad we chose to come to Elands and have her spayed keyhole, the recovery was quick and the cuts hardly show. She was spayed on Friday 5th July and then on Sunday 21st July she attended her first dog show and won first place in the novice obedience class. Here's some pics of Indy post op, just 2.5 weeks after the op with her award from the show and out swimming.

I think they are a great example of why dog owners (especially young/lively breeds) should really consider the keyhole variation of spaying. Who would have thought that 2.5 weeks after being spayed Indy would be winning at a novice obedience class, swimming in the sea and retrieving from the lakes! I am absolutely thrilled by her recovery. Thank you to everyone involved for taking such good care of Indy."

Buddy Reuben Scott Merlin Fuller
Millie Trickey - Fancy Dress Winner - Elands Dog Show, Otford Fete 2012! Dave Jones watching Bang Goes the Theory! Henley Leahy
Edna Jones Tweed Scott, the Bedlington Terrier after her first trim! Dave Jones and 2 year old Alice!
Gunner Garfield, enjoying walking (well, sitting on) Hadrian's Wall. He got a better view of the picnic from up there! Dylan Cornthwaite on holiday in Wales July 2011 Gold tipped kitten bred by Heather Rowe
Blinker and Jasmine Courtney Matty the stunning lurcher rescue
owned by Jo and Jules
4 month old Clicquot, a rescue rehomed from Cats Protection. She has landed on her feet and found a loving home with Mrs Papadopoulos. Very sweet!
Homer Thomas the Chesapeake Bay Retriever whose owner still can't believe that such a sweet looking puppy could turn into the mischievous handful that's turned her life upside down!!

This little lady is called Cassi and she was rehomed from the surgery. We are all so pleased she has finally found a loving and forever home.

Another happy ending for one very lucky cat.

This cute little fellow is Georgy Cook a 4 month old Shih Tzu.
Thank you to Mr and Mrs Burr for sending us this gorgeous photo of Billy (12 year old Jack Russell cross) in his younger days along with their lovely comment: "Thank you all so much for all the care and expertise given to Billy in his treatment over the past eighteen months"
Everyone at Elands is very pleased that Billy is now comfortable and happy at home after his recent surgery.
Tessie Whiteley - This little beauty was found dumped and, after being taken to Battersea dogs home,
she has now found a wonderful forever home.

Ruby is an 8 month old flat coated retriever who started her training at Elands with Bec's puppy life-skills course at 10 weeks old.

Ruby with her Puppy Foundation and KC Bronze Good Citizen test Rosettes.

Jack and Alfie – what a handsome pair these two miniature schnauzers make!

Drift the bearded collie pup with 6 year old Mr Ted. Just adorable - both of them.

Jassmin - very sweet 9 week old black tipped kitten