Laboratory Facilities

Blood testing is an important diagnostic tool used to help us find out what is wrong with your pet when they are unwell, or to screen your pet for underlying health issues which is recommended for patients prior to undergoing anaesthesia or surgery.

Blood tests commonly either look at the chemicals carried around in the bloodstream or look at the blood cells themselves. The results of these tests tell us about the function of the organs (e.g. kidneys, liver) and the potential presence of infections.

Elands is equipped with both a biochemistry analyser (a machine that looks at the chemicals that are dissolved in the blood) and a haematology analyser (a machine that looks at the cells that make up the blood). In addition to carrying out blood tests, our in-house laboratory also has the facilities to allow us to examine urine and tissue samples under the microscope as well as looking at parasites such as mites.

Being able to analyse blood and urine samples in-house has the advantage of allowing us to report most results to worried pet owners the same day and also to then begin any necessary treatment of our patients without undue delay.

Additionally, our in house laboratory is equipped so that we can correctly prepare tissue and fluid samples for analysis by external laboratories. These specialist tests include histopathology (looking as tissue samples, often from masses that have been surgical removed, to establish whether or not they are cancerous) and the monitoring of medication levels for animals that have conditions such as epilepsy.

Where extensive test are required for certain diseases and for test that are not frequently requested and/or are specialized, the services of an external laboratory will be used.