Keyhole Bitch Spays

Traditionally a bitch spay requires a 3-4 inch incision and this, along with the procedure to remove the uterus (womb) and both ovaries, causes trauma and bruising. However, for many years now, we have been spaying bitches via keyhole surgery.

By using keyhole surgery, very tiny incisions are made so wounds are much less painful and recovery is quicker. The wounds are so small that they are usually closed with special skin adhesive so no stitches are required.

Research has shown that removing the uterus is usually unnecessary. Therefore, unless we have any concerns, we only remove the ovaries which again mean a reduction in trauma and bruising.

Practice Principal, Philip Lhermette pioneered this procedure for pets in the UK, and Elands Veterinary Clinic still remains one of the few practices in the country to offer this service, with pet owners travelling long distances to have their bitches spayed by us.


Indy the 14 month old, lively Black Labrador. Her owner Claire Denyer sent us these photos and this lovely email after she was spayed via keyhole surgery:

"We are so glad we chose to come to Elands and have her spayed keyhole, the recovery was quick and the cuts hardly show. She was spayed on Friday 5th July and then on Sunday 21st July she attended her first dog show and won first place in the novice obedience class. Here's some pics of Indy post op, just 2.5 weeks after the op with her award from the show and out swimming.

I think they are a great example of why dog owners (especially young/lively breeds) should really consider the keyhole variation of spaying. Who would have thought that 2.5 weeks after being spayed Indy would be winning at a novice obedience class, swimming in the sea and retrieving from the lakes! I am absolutely thrilled by her recovery. Thank you to everyone involved for taking such good care of Indy."