Blood Pressure

Much as with people, an animal’s blood pressure can change as it is an indication of general health. Monitoring of blood pressure can be a useful aid in the diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases.

Abnormal blood pressure can itself lead to medical problems e.g. high blood pressure can put too much pressure on the capillaries in the eyes and can lead to blindness. A symptom of low blood pressure is collapse. Furthermore, low blood pressure can lead to organs in the body being deprived of oxygen. In extreme cases this can cause brain damage or kidney failure.

Elands has a Doppler blood pressure monitor. This is a non invasive machine similar to those used by a GP and no sedation is required. The monitor detects blood flow in arteries (the pulse) and thereby measures the blood pressure of the patient. When a patient is stressed, blood pressure will rise and this can potentially give a false reading. To minimise the risk of this happening, patients are generally admitted as day patients and multiple readings are taken throughout their stay.